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what's your fantasy?

Little,Pretty,Thugs was founded by A Pretty Thug by the name of dazzle who gave head status to Butta J the top head of L.P.T who gave status to D-murda aka prettyboy slim, babyface and there were three sets butta J's,d-murda's and babyface's that was last year in 2 gee now it's 2 gee 1 and we have grown more in the brain and in our *G* babyface has moved and has gone to south carolina to represent the L.P.T name else where for a while.When babyface left he gave head status to his right hand man fudge so now fudge has his own set In L.P.T. Meanwhile here in New York L.P.T is growing the reason it isn't in great numbers yet is there is a price to pay to be in L.P.T you have to be pretty you have to be able to bag shorties and you have to be able to fight and throw ya hand if needed were not a gang. Were a pretty boy crew and we don't bang the same way as gangs do or get status the same way as gangs we have to bag shorties to get status in our crew we are the future and we are pretty look out niggaz L.P.T is looking and if we like what we see it's a wrap for you cause your girl ain't your girl nomore she's our freak.*HOLLA IF YA SWOLLA MOMMA*!!!

Get tha fuck out of here if you not feelin us if you feel us and you wanna know more finish checkin tha site