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Yo this page is dedicated to some people that are friends of L.P.T but they aren't L.P.T here are their names

Stephanie AkA fan-fan from midwood HIGH SCHooL

Samantha The O.G aka Fat bastard from sheepshead bay high school

Rashida from veer

Shareeda From vanderveer She gone be in the photo page soon

Amanda from marine park J.H.S

Shaquana from E-hall

Big up to Clara BARTON high school

Anna from Lincoln High

ERICA from midwood

Molissa from shellbank

Lisa From E-hall

Keisha aka Kay-K from Sheepshead bay High School

Nickesha from sheepshead bay high school

Tashan from vanderveer aka veeritnam and E-hall high HOLLA

Dimsey from veeritnam holla

Tika from veeritnam


Renee from veeritnam

If ya name ain't on here and you want it on here Holla at me and i got you

YO shout out to all the people I don't know that signed the guest book if you want to speak with me Just hit me in a e-mail